200х35х10 2500-5000 GRIT М 100%

Modified ligament.

2 000 USD

200х83х10 2500-5000 GRIT М 100%

Modified ligament.

3 550 USD

Алмазный брусок 150х25х6 7/5 М 100%

Односторонний алмазный брусок для доводки режущей кромки. Подходит для точилок Apex Edge Pro и её реплик.

1 700 USD

Diamond paste АСМ 5000 GRIT NOM bank 50 gr.

Diamond paste for polishing.

140 USD

Diamond stones kit 200х35х10 100% 4 pcs

Diamond stones kit 200х35х10 100% 4 pcs 80-100, 120-280, 700-2500, 5000-15000, GRIT

7 550 USD

Set of 4 bars 150х25х6 100% MAXI

For sharpeners Apex Edge Pro and analogues. Grain: 80, 120, 700, 5000 GRIT

6 570 USD

The VIDBRUSOK.RU online store is a reliable and competent supplier 
of diamond grinding tools for individuals and legal entities.
You can purchase diamond bars,
circles and pastes from us, produced by the Venev plant of diamond tools.
Professional service and reasonable prices.
Products are delivered in Moscow, Russia, the CIS and abroad.


There are different types of payment.
Please note - we do not have a physical store or a showroom, 
so if you want to purchase our products and pick it up in our office,
we recommend that you pre-place your order and contact our manager by phone +7 (495) 649-89-16, or e-mail.


We also strongly recommend that you, before leaving for our office, 
look at the location map.




                                                      OUR ADVANTAGES:

- The best price / quality ratio for grinding tools.

- An order of magnitude lower than imported counterparts.

- All bars pass quality control for compliance with the Technical Conditions:

TU for double-sided bars, TU for single-sided bars.



- Individual approach and attention;

- Fast sending.



For wholesale supply: sales@venevalmaz.ru